Davide Salamino Architecture a building that simply meets code, is the worst building you can legally build

Innovative and responsible design solutions for exciting and optimistic places

 12+ years international project experience in a BIM framework. LCA committed (on se débrouille egalement en francais et italien )

Faseability / Sketch Design  let’s test our ideas and dream big

Detailed Design / Permitting  
let’s be compliant with laws and regulations

Technical  Design / Construcion Documentation  

let’s make it happen!

Design coordination and works supervision
let’s be design consistent, and lower the risks among phases

Seeking forward-thinking clients willing to jump into a collaborative design journey for creative and technical and exploration: outcomes may disrupt your dogmas!

Built projects :

Googles pour les Pro, Lille 2015 (exhibition design)
La maison du Japon, Bezannes 2019 ©S’pace (urban amenities)
La Vallée Verte, Bordeaux 2023 ©MVRDV (residential)
Undisclosed project: dim/density/color check (public space)

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